MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5 Tesla 18 Channel MRI System with Tim technology

The MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5 Tesla MRI Scanner with Tim technology by Siemens Healthcare provides a new level of seamless image quality with unprecedented acquisition speed and ease of use. The heart of the MRI Scanner is the magnet, and the MAGNETOM Avanto has the best-in-class magnet homogeneity which results in excellent image quality. With the MAGNETOM Avanto head-to-toe imaging in a very short time has come into routine clinical issue owing to its powerful hardware and software. The entire system is an engineering marvel harboring an ergonomically designed table, gantry and hardware and software that is designed to ensure the Audio Comfort of the patient by minimizing the sound levels. This makes the scan very comfortable for the patient and helps achieve excellent patient compliance. It is fully loaded with the neuro, ortho, cardiac, onco, body, angio, paediatric and breast suites which ensures uninterrupted workflow empowering the user to handle all applications. The new syngo Blade sequence is extremely useful in minimizing motion induced artifacts in very sick patients.
Apart from this some advanced applications such as the following, help the specialists diagnose critical cases.
syngo SWI – A Siemens unique software which can diagnose micro-bleeds (diffuse axonal injury) and hemorrhagic transformation of stroke. The phase information is useful for detection of occult vascular disease (cavernomas, angiomas, and telangiectasias), cerebral venous thrombosis, intra-arterial clot detection and other mineral deposition. SWI is a very significant tool for diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, etc.) and to characterize tumors.
syngo BOLD: is a comprehensive processing and visualization package for functional MRI studies. This allows the visualization of important brain centers, which control our activities, and the spatial relationship of these with normal anatomy or brain lesions. fMRI studies are helpful in neurosurgical planning, to assess the effects of neurodegenerative diseases, trauma or stroke on brain function, and brain mapping.
syngo Inline Perfusion: It is an important feature for looking into penumbra in case of acute stroke which can modify the treatment planning.

SOMATOM Definition AS+ 128 Slice Adaptive CT Scanner

SOMATOM Definition 128 slice Adaptive CT Scanner (AS+) is the world’s fastest single source CT scanner introduced by Siemens Healthcare. This CT Scanner adapts to virtually any patient and clinical need and is capable of all routine diagnostic work as well as advanced examinations in cardiology, neurology and oncology. It is also suited for emergency situations like accidents, stroke symptoms or atypical chest pain requiring speedy diagnosis. Even difficult to image patients – obese, trauma and children – are quickly scanned with high diagnostic confidence. The system with its 128 slices/per rotation, fast rotation speed of 300 ms, which is the fastest single source CT Scanner in the industry and high temporal resolution of 150 ms generates crystal-clear images with visualization of the finest anatomical details.
SOMATOM Definition AS+ is the first scanner to combine dynamic components such as the unique radiation dose reduction hardware such as Adaptive Dose Shield, which enable CT scanning with the lowest radiation dose for all types of patients. On this system, fast whole body examinations required for patients with multiple traumas are possible allowing faster application of life-saving treatment. Its high rotation speed and huge coverage enables excellent imaging of the coronary vessels with lowest radiation dose. The high isotropic resolution and validated measurement software permits highly accurate measurement of stenosis in coronary and peripheral vessels and visualization of stents for evaluation of patency.
Another outstanding feature of the SOMATOM Definition AS+ 128 slice CT Scanner is the comprehensive Oncology package which allows the latest Computer Aided Detection techniques for tumor evaluation.

Planmed Clarity™ 2D

•Unique innovations to enhance the ease of use
•Intuitive workflow
•Easy access
•Patient-centered design
•Easy approachable design
•Designed to ease patients anxiety
•Outstanding image quality achieved with image processing that adapts to the radiologists’ preferences
•Image post-processing can be tailored to the radiologists' needs individually
•Automatic detection of breast tissue
•AEC adapts to different imaging modes (small paddle, biopsy, etc.
•Tube head can be driven aside to allow more space for the operator for positioning
•Shifting screening paddle

DPX – MD +

The Bone Densitometer at Kanva, DPX-MD+ assists our doctors in diagnosis, assessment of risk of fracture and in monitoring the response to therapy in the patient. A highly user-friendly equipment, it is an essential tool in management of osteoporosis as it reliably identifies osteoporotic spine or femur fracture, which is of greater incidence in menopausal cases.
The two key sides for measurement include the femur, the critical site of fracture and the spine, which is the sight for monitoring the patient’s response to therapy. Other features include total body BMD, Body Composition and Dual Femur.
The test report includes the biographical data of the patient’s as well as a high-resolution image of the bone. The patient’s results are compared to other reference cases on a colour-coded graph. The categories for fracture risk assessment – Normal, Osteopenic, Osteoporotic -are displayed on the graph for easy interpretation of the patient’s T-score.
(The numeric result of Bone Densitometry is expressed as a T-score).
Assessment of weight-loss therapy.
Assessment of results of exercise programs.
Identification of growth or endocrine disorders.
Paediatric and sports medicine.
Identification of secondary osteoporosis.
Quantification of Fat

GE Voluson 730

The GE Voluson 730 at Kanva is the first Ultrasound machine of its kind in the state of Karnataka and the latest contribution in the field of ultrasound technology.
This 4-D ultrasound imaging system captures 3-dimensional ultrasound images and adds the element of time to the process, resulting in live action images of any internal anatomy. The advanced signal feature processing technique, which produces higher quality ultrasound images, adds a new dimension in obstetric imaging.
Determination of foetal age.
Analysis of foetal development.
Evaluation of multiple and oblique or high-risk frequency.
Detection of foetal abnormalities.
Detecting structural problems with uterus.


KODAK Dry View 8200 laser imager is a continues tone imager with an internal photothermographic film processor.


Computerized EEG for knowing the functioning of the nervous system of the brain and the cause of malfunctioning of the nervous system of the brain.

Olympus AU640

In response to today’s laboratory’s, demand for high quality test data along with efficient and flexible operation, the AU640 chemistry analyzer, with throughput of 400 tests per hour, achieves the highest possible level of performance. Accurate test data is generated by spot photometry technology which has a proven performance for high precision. The sample multi-mixing station, combined with sample predilution, probe crash detection and other technological innovations assure accurate reliable test results.
The following parameters are calculated on the Olympus AU640 :
HDL Cholesterol
LDL Cholesterol
VLDL Cholesterol
Total Cholesterol : HDL Cholesterol Ratio
Total Proteins
Albumin / Globulin Ratio
Total Bilirubin
Direct Bilirubin
Indirect Bilirubin
Gamma GT
Alkaline Phosphatase
Phosphorus Uric Acid
Micro Total Proteins
Micro Albumin
Immunoglobin A
Immunoglobin G
Immunoglobin M
Acid Phosphatase
Apolipoprotein A
Apolipoprotein B
Lipoprotein a
RA Factor

cobas 6000

Evolution in the Serum Work Area consolidation
Intelligent sample management
Non-contact ultrasonic mixing

Sysmex XT-1800i

Is an automated haematology analyser throughout 80 samples/hr. It produces rapid & reliable results with respect to 24 blood parameters including Haemoglobin, WBC count, platelet count, RBC indices etc.


The series 2000 Treadmill at Kanva is combined with the GE Marquette Medical System manual treadmill controller to administer a controlled exercise load to the patient during a diagnostic stress test. The machine has a flexible grade ranging from 2% – 7% in order to ensure easy and safe transport of the equipment within the premises.
The treadmill has an emergency stop switch, which acts as a safety device to be used in case of emergencies to stop the treadmill. Furthermore, this system is protected against the effects of cardiac defibrillator discharge to ensure recovery as required by test standards.
The machine is also provided with self-calibration functionality, thereby reducing any chances of errors. The system calibrates the speed and grade from the minimum to the maximum points.

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