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Wide measuring ranges
reduces the amount of tests rerun due to
out of range results
• Estradiol range of 5 – 4,300 pg/mL
• Progesterone range of 0 – 60 ng/mL
• total-PSA range of 0 – 100 ng/mL
High analytical sensitivity
enables the use of innovative tests and
requires less sample volume examples:
• Troponin T 4th gen. with <10% CV at
95th population percentile
• hCG+‚ and TSH requires 10 and 50 μL
sample volume, respectively
Nine minutes STAT applications
deliver unmatched turnaround time for
emergency samples
hCG+ß, Troponin T 4th Gen., CK-MB,
Myoglobin, PTH*