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Unique universal reagent carriers
Long on-board stability of reagents
Proven ECL (Electro Chemiluminescence) technology for Immunoassays
Wide menu & improved efficiency
Clot detection facility
Test-specific serum Indices
Non-contact ultrasonic mixing
Intelligent work flow management
Lot to lot calibration for > 90% of assays
Programming by loading concept
On site upgradability of modules
Facility for integrating optional pre-analytical system
Cobas e-link facility
Software driven maintenance
State-of-the-art immunoassay tests using electrochemiluminscence (ECL) technology offers a broad measuring range and low end sensitivity (i.e. HCG+β: 0.10 – 10,000 mIU/mL), virtually eliminating the need for dilutions and repeat testing
Standardized test results between all testing sites using cobas family of analyzers allow for greater consistency in physician result interpretation
Sample and system integrity checks help to ensure quality results (e.g. test-specific serum indices, disposable immunoassay tips and cups, and clot and liquid level detection)
ECL immunoassays have CV (co-efficient of variation) of less than six percent on average.